My Kitty Diary

Life is complicated….
Managing and planning your kitty shouldn’t be.
My Kitty Diary makes it easy.
My Kitty Diary, is your personal secretary which manages all your Kitties in one place.
You can manage a kitty, a Chain, a pyramid, a walking group, a joggers club, any event very easily.
 Once you log in you can create / join / add friends to a new Kitty, and or existing Kitty.
 All Kitty details regarding, adding friends to a Kitty, marking them a full / half/ or silent( double) kitty members, creating a host, setting up Kitty reminders, giving your RSVP to the event, collecting of Kitties, fines, etc, managing winners of each Kitty, all taken care of here.
 My Kitty Diary enables you to even chat on the individual Kitty group.
 My Kitty Diary also takes care of your financials, as to your investments and dues of each kitty so that you don’t lose out on any Kitty by mistake.
 It’s the One Stop Solution for all your Kitty Woes. It digitally keeps track of all your Kitty details.
 No more making and or reminding oneself or others to carry any Kitty Diary ever in the future.
 This is a free Productive consumer oriented app created for one’s own use.